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Director Of Biopic, Radioactive, Says, Marie Curie Wasn’t Always Nice

Marie Curie “wasn’t always very nice,” claims Marjane Satrapi for the protagonist of her new film, “Radioactive”.

The most famous woman scientist ever had to fight in what was and still is a patriarchal world. This was said by Satrapi, popularly known as the maker of the Oscar-nominated animated classic, Persepolis. She claimed that, how can someone become Marie Curie if she is cute, gentle and kind?

What did Satrapi say?

Satrapi was destined to make a film about the Polish-born physicist and chemist. Curie was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize. And is the only person ever to have won it in different fields. Satrapi claimed to AFP that Madam Curie was a massive figure for her since her childhood. This was because she was the woman Satrapi’s mother wanted her to be.

However, while researching for the film, Satrapi discovered that while Curie was a woman of high integrity, she wasn’t always accommodating. In the movie, Madam Curie is played by the Gone Girl star, Rosamund Pike.

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Satrapi on feminism

The director pointed out the age of stereotype that since science depends on logic, they made out that women were too emotional to study science, that they are all hormones and feelings. However, through her life, Curie proved that women too could be great scientists.

Satrapi further added that she is for feminism by actions rather than words. She suggests that it is only by their actions that women will become men’s equals. Furthermore, she claimed that Curie was not only equal but most of the time better than the men in her field.

According to her, Half of the globe’s population are women, so usually half of the stories should be about them, yet that is not the case.  And when women are shown on the screen, it is always about a man: as someone’s wife or their mother.

Satrapi is now working on a series of paintings about women.


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