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Did HBO Make Detective Pikachu 2 Free For Everyone? Oh Yes!

With corona outburst, all the movies and TV series have halted their production work. Many million dollar movies have delayed their release dates as they theatres are shut down now. So now online service like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video is being used by the viewers.

Hunching the plot for the second movie :

In the first part of this movie, we could finally know why only the lead Tim Goodman understands to Pikachu. It is revealed that Howard Clifford to attempt to prompt the evolution by merging humans with pokemon. He gets into Mewtwo but eventually got defeated by Pikachu in which Harry Goodman is there. So, in the end, Harry, Tim and Pikachu get all separate and ready to solve their next mysteries.

So the plot of the second season as it is a sequel will be starting with Tim, Harry and Pikachu going to solve the mysteries out there. But this time there are many questions like what will be going on.

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As of now, no information has come out regarding this. Even the game is not released. There are reports that the plot in the game is a bit different from the movie, and this will hint to the plot in the second part. So if the game premieres before the second part then surely the fans can theorize about the second part of Pikachu 2.

Great gesture from HBO :

So in this quarantine times, HBO has made it clear that they are not going to disappoint their fans. So they have decided to release the latest movies and amazing TV series on their HBO go for free. Detective Pikachu 2 is the latest movie that is being released on it. So all the disappointed fans of Pikachu can now watch their favourite movie for free.

In addition to this they are provided hundreds of movies and TV series like The Sopranos, The Wire, Arthur, Arthur 2: On The Rocks, Forget Paris, The Lego Movie 2, True Blood and Veep, documentaries like The Apollo, Elvis Presley: The Searcher and McMillion. So more than 500 hours of amazing comedy, drama, love and fantasy is being provided for free by HBO till corona oust out on HBO Now, and HBO Go.

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