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Are We Ready To Witness The Mystery Of Time Travel In Dark Season 3?

Dark is a German science fiction thriller web series. The show was developed by Baran bo Odor and Jantje Friese. This show is also the first German-language Netflix original which debuted in December 2017. The second season of the series came out in June 2019, and both the seasons got a positive review.

Baran Bo Odor

Before the release of the second season, the creators declared a third season to be in the process. They also revealed that the third season would be the final one. Fans also highly applauded the series, and they were eagerly waiting for the third instalment after the finale of the second season. Both of the seasons were an instant hit, so it was very sure that the show would be revived for another season.

The Release Date Of Season 3  

Netflix's Dark Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast and all you need ...

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There has been no official announcement regarding the release date of the third season. But, if we follow the previous releases, then we have expected that the third season will come out by June 2020.

The shooting of the third season has already wrapped in 2019, so there is the least chance of coronavirus affecting the release. Viewers and the fans of the series are not at all afraid of the release date which have been expected.

The Cast Of Season 3

The star cast of Dark is fascinating, and we hope to see the majority of them this time too. The Previous cast of the season will be coming back for the third season of the show. There might be some new characters in the upcoming season of the show.

The Plot Of Season 3

The whole story is set up in Winden, located in Germany, and the story revolves around a child disappearing. This leads to four families to find the secret hidden connection and unravel the mystery. The main plot for the next season has not been revealed yet. But, we have expected that the upcoming season will tie the loose ends left in the earlier story. The fans highly anticipate the release date of the forthcoming season.

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