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World War II Drama ‘Greyhound’ Release Pushed Further By a Month Amid Corona Pandemic

Greyhound is a story inspired by the novel The Good Shepherd written by CS Forester. The movie is written and lead by Tom Hanks. This is a movie based on the war.

Plotting its story and cast :

The plot is set in the early stages of world war 2. It centres around Lieutenant Commander Ernest. It shows what happens when Ernest is given full powers. The way he led the 37 allied ships on to North Atlantic serves the centre line to the story.

Academy award-winning director Aaron Schneider has stepped in to direct the movie. The main actors include Tom Hanks as the Ernest Krause, Elisabeth Shue as Eva Krause, Devin Druid as Wallace, Maximillion Osinski as Eagle. The other cast members include Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Stephen Graham, Grayson Russell, Rob Morgan, Karl Glusman, Tom Brittney, Joseph Poliquin, Dave Davis, Michael Benz and Travis Przybylski.

COVID-19 affecting its delay :

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The trailer of the movie was released a few weeks back. Originally Sony has scheduled to release the movie on May 8 of 2020. While with corona outburst, it has made it tough for the movie and series to presume with their product works and release dates.

So this has resulted even for many million dollar movie projects to take a backward step. Many big movies like James Bond’s No Time To Die, Red Notice, Wonder Woman and the list keeps ongoing.

The team of Greyhound has said that they have not been severely affected by it as almost all the major work has been completed. This has resulted in the movie to delay it’s release to one more month. So this war drama movie is pushed back to hit the theatres on June 12 of 2020. So it is more like happy news for the fans to see that the movie has not delayed way back like other movies.

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