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The Handmaids Tale Season 4: Fans Invent Intriguing Theories To Ponder Upon

Corona has made many production offices and production works of many television and movie industries to shut down. So adding to the list one such series that is delaying its production is Hulu’s Handmaid. With the delay in its release, fans are spending their time on social media networks and expressing their theories.

COVID – 19 concerning the fans :

Once work on paper is done after a long delay, it is about to be done on locations. Now wi the dangerous outburst of the corona, it left the team with no other chance than to stop the production. Elizabeth Moss who is debuting as a producer for this season has said that concerning the safety of team they have decided to take this step.

As the comfort and health of cast is more important than anything Moss has said that they have taken this step. She concluded saying that they will be back to presume their production work only when the condition with COVID-19 is safe.

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So Handmaid has joined the series like Fargo, Circe, Survivor and many more who have stopped the production. So as expected it unlikely for the fans to see the fourth season of Handmaid this year. Fans can just keep their fingers crossed and hope for some quick resume in work.

Fans indulged with many theories :

In Reddit, one user has said that it’s time for Elizabeth Moss to be dead. As there is no logic for her to come back. While another fan has said that as per the books it there is no conclusion of the survival of June.

So it could be the end to June played by Elisabeth Moss. While reacting to this, another fan has said that as per new story in the latest book, June is going to be saved from the wounds, but later she is going to be dead. One fan has told the best possible way to end her way is a great sacrifice.

While sending Hannah out of Gilead scripting down the death of June would be the fittest ending. So fans must wait for the fourth season to roll out to see whether they have speculated the plot right or not.

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