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Tekashi69 Post Prison Release Hops-On Social Media, Promises New-Music Release ASAP

The controversial rapper, Tekaski69, was released from prison in light of the coronavirus crisis. The rapper was yet to serve four more months in prison. But the fact that Tekashi suffers from chronic asthma made him all the vulnerable to coronavirus and thus he was released from jail. He will be serving the rest of his sentence under home confinement.

Tekashi69 was released from jail on April 2, and the rapper took no time to come back on social media. In addition to this, it is also known that Tekashi had signed music contracts while serving his servitude. It looks like fans have gotten some insight into his new music.

Tekashi69 Signed Multi-Million Projects

Tekashi69 had signed multi-million projects while he was in jail. The rapper indeed has a controversial history, but his talent is not at all unseen. Tekashi was due for release on August 2, but according to his attorney Lance Lazzaro, his new projected date could be July 31 while under home confinement.

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According to reports, the rapper will be allowed to make music in home confinement. According to his lawyer, Tekashi will be working on a Spanish album as well as an English album. Since Tekashi has taken an advance, he will be working on making music as soon as possible.

69 On Social Media

Tekashi69 will not be restricted from using social media, according to reports. But, his activity on social media will be monitored thoroughly. This means that Tekashi won’t have the ultimate liberty of trolling, something for which the rapper is known for.

“So, fat, I have not seen any restrictions about him not being able to go on social media. It has to be in good taste. No more trolling,” said Dawn Florio, Tekashi69’s lawyer.

We can expect, Tekashi to make some good music soon and even his hilarious trolling too.

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