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Show Is On! Castlevania Season 4 Has Been Renewed For Season 4: Air-Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer {LEAKED}

The anime series, Castlevania, maybe a dark medieval fantasy that follows the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, Trevor Belmont, trying to save lots of Eastern Europe. To seek out how to save lots of humankind from the grief-maddened Dracula. A popular computer game series inspired the series.

It currently has three seasons, and Netflix has finally decided to renew the series for season 4 by dropping a teaser on Twitter, but there’s no official release date as of yet.

Castlevania Season 4: THE CAST

We will see many characters return for more, namely Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont, James Callis as Adrian, Theo James as Hector, Jaime Murray as Carmilla, and lots of more.

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Unfortunately, The Judge played by Jason Issacs, Taka as Toru Uchikado and Sumi as Rila Fukushima won’t be returning thanks to their character death in season 3. We don’t know if we’ll see many new faces, but we hope we do; new faces mean new stories.

Castlevania Season 4: THE PLOT

Season 3 ends terribly for many of the most characters with a tragic death. But season 3 has also left some cliffhangers to start season 4 with.

Dracula’s son are going to be much more heartless to humans and should start embracing his vampire heritage alongside all the darkness related to it. Hector’s enslavement can help Carmilla to require over Wallachia in season 4.

The New Army,

We expect to ascertain her new army and, therefore, the invasion to require the central plot. There are chances that the Infinite Corridor Trevor and Sypha closed to re-open within the future, resulting in Dracula returning in season 4.

We hope to ascertain season 4 drop soon as fans cannot wait anymore. Castlevania is that the top anime show on Netflix with an enormous fan base. We hope season 4 won’t disappoint us.

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