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Seven Deadly Sins Season 4: Every Deadly Update Every Fan Needs To Know!

Seven Deadly Sins, the Japanese Fantasy Manga series based anime, debuted on 5 October 2014. Nakaba Suzuki illustrated the manga series. Tensai Okamura is the director of the series which was written by Shotaro Suga. The panellist who is in charge of the designs of the characters is Keigo Sasaki. Netflix licensed the first series of the show.

It was an English release along with its second edition on Netflix. It aired on the streaming service on 1 November 2015. All three seasons of the show have been ultimately released. The last season of the show had been aired on 15 October 2018. Stay tuned to find out more details about the upcoming season of the manga series along with a deadly update!

The release date of season 4

The hopes of most of the fans of the show had not been fulfilled by the latest episodes of season 3. However, for the upcoming season, everyone is beyond excited and awaiting its arrival! This time @AniTrendz let out the news on twitter on 24 March 2020.

In October 2020, the upcoming fourth season of the Seven Deadly Sins will be released on the streaming service. The show is “Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no shinpan”. The title means The Seven Deadly Sins: Anger’s Judgment. The update of the season has not been officially revealed yet. Studio Deen back in animation duty is expected to be back.

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A Korean Animation Team

The reports have stated that some Korean animation team has been outsourced most of the work. This means that the amazing quality of the series will be right back on track. Season 4’s plot has also not been officially announced yet. We already know that 80 chapters of the manga series have not been adapted, however. We can definitely expect some of it to be included in season 4!

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