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Kevin Hart Is Not Ready To Take Any Shit Lately, Roast Back 50 Cent With ‘F– OFF’ Comment

Kevin Hart has grown old, and it’s a fact we’re not used to. We’ve seen him rock a clean black hair-cut forever. He reveals that he is a frequent hair dyer. The actor-comedian has stopped dying it while quarantining at house due to coronavirus outbreak.

He’s even told his fans that he thinks that the grey hair and beard suit him. “I’m not gonna lie to y’all, I’m kindaย rollin’ with the gray hair,” said Kevin Hart in his Instagram video. After he said last Tuesday, he has been posting pictures of himself with gray hair and beard duo. He embraced his inner silver fox coming to life.

“Nothing to be ashamed of, Grey hair is an old man’s jewelry. Old age is deprived too many,” a fan writes. “The kinda sugar daddies you give some sugar,” another one added.

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Of course, Time is inescapable, and stars like Football player Deion Sanders, Kevin Hart, and Sean Combs are aging up. They seem to embrace their salt-pepper hair. They show off their hair on full display.

50 Cent Trolls Kevin Hart and others for the Gray hair

However, 50 Cent thought it was funny too mock their graying hair.

The rapper says, “Man, where the fโ€” is the time machine, they got old on quarantine. LOL”

Kevin Hart Responds

Further, The top comment was Kevin Hart shutting him down with a laugh. He used a lot of crying laughing emojis and wrote, “Fโ€” off man… I used the product this week.”

However, the gray era was short-lived. Kevin is back with black hair. But, 50 Cent replied to let his fans know that he was merely joking. He replied with a raised eyebrow emoji and added: “Love you, boy, you know Ifโ€” wit you keep winning.”

Some fans were indeed sad to wave the grey hair goodbye.

In other news, Kevin Hart and his wife announced a piece of great news- they are expecting a baby again and will soon be a family of six!

Article: Kevin Hart, expecting Baby #2!

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