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Highschool DXD S5: Read On To Know What All Surprises This Anime Season Has For Us

High School DxD is a famous anime series, and it is recently renewed for the fifth season. When you see it, you will immediately realize why it is so popular. It certainly has a lot of alluring women characters, but that’s not all it has.

A reason for the popularity of the show is it closely follows the manga, and it is always appreciated when a studio adapts the manga.

This Japanese animation has a lot of fans who are eagerly waiting for the fifth season. The new series will soon be out on Netflix.

Highschool DxD IS Based On The Manga With the Same Name

The series is based on a very popular manga with the same name. The manga itself has a huge fanbase, so the success of the series is not surprising at all. Even the fourth season of the series was quite a success, and it had everything that fans wanted.

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The fourth season of the series was aired in 2018, and fans were expecting the quick release of season 5 too.

What To Expect From The Fifth Season

The show began with Issei Hyoudou, a high student and his reincarnation as a Devil getting killed on his first date. Then his journey to become ‘Harem King’ starts, he joins the Occult Research Club.

The upcoming season will continue the Hero Oppai Dragon arc, where it left off in season four. Season four covered two volumes of the manga. The fifth season will adapt the volumes 11 and 12 of the manga.

The creators of the show have already revealed what they have chosen to put in the fifth season. According to Yoshifumi Sueda, shows executive, season five will have a tiny part of the story from the light novels. There is a lot of stuff in the light novels which can surely be adapted into the anime.

So it is going to be very interesting what happens in the show in the fifth season.

When Is It Going To Air

As per rumors, the fifth installment of the show Highschool Dxd is going to be released in mid-2020. So far, Passion Studio and Sueda have not announced anything. There has been no official information about the release.

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