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Everything You Must Know About ‘Attack On Titan’s Finale Season 4: Air-Date, Plot, Theories

Attack on Titan, which is created by Hajime Isayama, is an original best selling manga series. This manga was turned into the wildly popular anime back in 2013. Till now, it has run over a total of 57 episodes across a period of six years. Fortunately, it’s not over yet.

The series revolves around a band of elite soldiers known as Scouts. These scouts defend the last refuge of human civilization against a looming threat. This threat is nothing but massive giants known as Titans, with a taste for human flesh.

The Trailer Is Out

The teaser for Attack on Tita was dropped right after the launch of the final season 3 episode. This also confirms the launch of Attack on Titan season 4 around the fall of 2020 (September-November).

Episodes will no doubt air out weekly, though, rather than the whole season releasing at once. Depending on the number of events, previous seasons were somewhere between 12 and 25; the streaming period can be estimated. This could only mean a streaming period of between three and six months.

However, as the third season was spilled into two parts, with the first release in July-October and the latter releasing in April-July, we can expect season 4 will see a similar release schedule. This may happen to release the first half of episodes more quickly, and presumably keep the Titan hype train running as long as possible.

Streaming Sites For The Show

Previous seasons of the anime series have been released on dedicated anime websites known as Crunchyroll and Funimation. Both of the sites are free to use for ad-supported streaming, with a paid subscription option for more premium features.

Only season 1 of Attack on Titan is licensed for distribution on Netflix, meaning the viewers can only see the first 25 episodes of the anime series.

To watch all the season together, you’ll need to watch it on Crunchyroll or Funimation – or through the Funimation Now TV channel on Amazon Prime Video.

Crunchyroll always has subbed anime, meaning you won’t get a US English dub over the audio. However, we can read English subtitles overlaid on the screen, while hearing the original Japanese voice acting. Funimation also has a US English dub for Attack on Titan – with characters speaking English – though usually several days after the subtitled option comes out.

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