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Your Guide Into ‘I am Not Okay With This’ S2 Status, Delays? Release Date, Cast, Plot

I am not okay with this is the latest American comedy and coming of age drama series on Netflix. It is inspired by the novel of the same name by Charles Forsman. I am not okay with this was first premiered on Netflix on February 26, 2020.

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As season 1 is over, and there is a decent chance that you have watched all the seven episodes of this extremely binge-able show. Now, let’s talk about season 2 of I am okay with this.

What is the show about? And what can be the possible plot of the second season?

The first season ended with a massive cliffhanger, which was a clear indication of a third season. Now fans have been talking too much about the cliffhanger, what is it?
Sydney’s superpower is all that is being talked about, and we are hoping to see more of it in the next season. And the revelation of the mysterious hooded figure who seems to be aware of Sydneys powers. As of now, we don’t know who that figure is, but many theories suggest that it is her dad. Yes, that hooded figure maybe her “dead” dad.

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Showrunner Jonathan Entwistle agreed that there is a potential that the second will explore other famous stories. He said that “ We very much wanted to approach it as telling the origin story.”
However, Netflix hasn’t confirmed or given anything regarding the renewal or the continuation of the show. Viewers all around the globe are waiting eagerly for the second season to arrive soon.

Who will be returning for the second season?

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The cast of season 1 has given an excellent performance. So it is likely that all the actors of season 1 will be returning for season 2. The cast includes Sophia Lillis as Sydney, Sofia Bryant will be back as Dina, Wyatt Olefff as Stanley Barber shall be returning. Other than this, Kathleen Rose is playing as Maggie and Aidan Wojtak Hissong as Liam will also be returning for the second season.

Is there a trailer for the second season out?

Also, there is no trailer yet, but if the second season is renewed, there is a chance that the end may drop it of 2020 or early 2021.

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