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The Underrated 10 Facts About Marco From “Attack On Titan”

Marco Bott is now one of the most compassionate and idealistic characters from the series. When the Attach On Titan introduces the character, Marco Bott, it is clear from the beginning that he is the most compassionate one. For this reason, it is not probably he meets an early end.  Below are ten facts about him.

He Wanted To Join Military.

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During the training with Keith Shades, he then admits his goal to join the Military Police Brigade. This is also something that many of the cadets aspire to. But Marco’s motives for wanting to work inside the wall have nothing to do with his safety.

Marco Was The Most Sensible One.

With some of the hotheads like Jean and Eren running around. Marco is often presented as the most reasonable character who serves as the mediator between his comrades and who can talk sense.

He Encouraged Jean To Be Better.

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Marco’s friendship with Jean is one of the most underrated relationships from Attack On Titan. While Jean sees Marco as a skilled leader, Marco believes Jean to be far better than him. He sees something in Jean that the other character’s don’t, and he enables Jean to build up confidence.

Jean Joined The Survey Corps Because Of Marco.

Now, adding to the previous point, Marco is the reason why Jean has decided to join the Survey Corps. Jean makes his decision after Marco is killed in a battle.

Ranked Seventh Best Trainee.

When the top ten cadets are announced before the Battle of Trost most focused is played on other characters. But Marco was among the highest-ranked in his class, being placed as the seventh-best of all.

Given Command Of His Squad.

Marco was given the command of his squad during the Battle of Trost.

He Aids Armin In Devising A Plan.

During the Battle of Trost, the cadets who survive long enough to make it to the headquarters alive. Marco is the one who helps Armin devise this plan.

He Prevents His Comrades From Trying To Kill Himself.  This is one of the small moments which speaks about the character.

Marco Is The First To Discover The Truth About Reiner.  He is the one who finds all the truth about Reiner.

She performed Equipment Maintenance With Armin.  Armin was close to Marco’s equipment; he recognises it when Annie tries it off as her own.



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