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Sad News Pirates! Johnny Depp Will NOT Return For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Part 6

The famous franchise Pirates Of The Caribbean is set to release its sixth movie. The official release date hasn’t been declared yet. But we are guessing that the sixth part of the franchise will drop in around late 2021 or early 2022 but not earlier. Given the massive and unprecedented Coronavirus outbreak. The production of several movies and TV series has been delayed or even cancelled. So, we are lucky that the film hasn’t withdrawn its production yet. However, the sad part is that Johnny Depp will not be reprising the character of Jack Sparrow in the upcoming film.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: Director, Cast, Plot

Disney has allegedly approached Joachim Ronning to direct the sixth movie.

The script is being handled by Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio, and Jeff Nathanson.

The plot will possibly pick up from the last movie of the series, Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. While the new scriptwriters are expected to give the film a new angle. The movie is rumored to cast Zac Effron as the new Jack Sparrow since Johnny Depp has allegedly been removed from the cast list. Given Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage feud and Heard’s filing for divorce in 2016. There have been endless controversies. According to sources. Heard claimed that Johnny Depp had been an abusive husband throughout their marriage. She claimed that he had beaten her and even threatened to kill her.

However, in recent times. Things had taken a turn when Depp filed for a Defamation case against Heard and claimed that she has been cheating on him with Elon Musk. Depp even claimed that he had to use physical force to stop Heard from punching and abusing him.

Owing to these controversies, directors, and producers, including Disney, have decided to remove Depp from the casting list for the upcoming movie. But fans have shown their support for Depp and have declared that they want Depp to return for the role. And let’s face it, we couldn’t ask for a better Jack Sparrow. The casting list is yet unclear, but we are hoping to see some of the old faces on the big screen again.

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