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Ricky Gervais Cant Wait For ‘After Life’ S2 & Neither Can We! {CONFIRMED LEAK OUT}

Netflix’s drama-comedy series, After Life, is gathering a huge crowd. Since it made its first debut on 8th March 2019, it has caught quite the attention. This dramatic show was produced, directed, and even written by Ricky Gervais.

A little sneak-peek into the previous season:

The first season of the revolves on Tony’s Life, whose Life has completely changed after his wife passed away. His wife, after battling with breast cancer for years, unfortunately, died, leaving Tony shattered into pieces. After her demise, Tony became so alone that he tried to commit suicide. However, he preferred to live. He thought it would be better if he took revenge from the world for his wife by speaking and doing whatever he liked.

Confirmed release date:

Since 3rd April 2019, Netflix officially had confirmed the show is taking the 2nd run. The release date has been formally announced by Netflix, which is 24th April 2020. The fans will now have something to look forward to amid the lockdowns due to coronavirus.

Cast and Plot of season 2:

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The lead character, which is again played by none other than Gervais, will surely be returning for the second season. Till now, Netflix hasn’t revealed the list of actors who r signed for this season.

However, if we assume from the previous season stars like Ashley Jensen who plays the role of Tony’s father’s nurse may be back for this season, other casts include Kerry Godliman playing Lisa, Roisin Conaty as Daphne, Tony way as Tony’s colleague, Mandeep Dhillon as a trainee journalist, Diana Morgan as a colleague and many others who are expected to continue through the show. However, Tim Plester’s character won’t make a return this time.

We observed that the show started with Gervais and how his life changed after his wife’s death. The whole season showed his ways of punishing the world for his wife. The second season might have a different story altogether. Rumors say that he would find love again, but to see how far the rumors correct, we need to wait for the trailer at the least.

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