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New ‘Godzilla VS Kong’ SPOILERS Reveal Changes And Renewal Of Power & Weapons! {LEAKED REPORTS}

A fresh set of leaks for Godzilla vs. Kong reveals new details about the dueling Titans: new powers for Godzilla and a weapon for Kong. Cosmic Book News reports, “Godzilla will have cool new powers within the flick” and “Kong features a stone ax that he uses as a weapon.”

The Specific Details,

It’s added no specific details are referred to as to what Godzilla’s powers are and, while Kong possesses no extra powers.
If these new additions were always a part of the plan crafted by director Adam Wingard and Legendary Pictures or if they’re the results of reshoots is unclear.

Also, they shared, “Kong is sort of powerful and even wounds Godzilla together with his stone ax.” It doesn’t say when this happens, but a weapon certainly evens the chances within the fight between the 2 (the one with a “definitive winner “), said to last five minutes.

The Resemblance,

Further said is Godzilla – resembling his King of the Monsters form – “looks sort of a beast and is extremely violent,” standing near 400 ft. Kong, allegedly, stands at about 300 ft. and sports a beard, as we learned months ago. Some footage indicated, to the contrary, he might be equal tall to Godzilla.

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Additionally, Kong may need more fur, alternately reported as brown and black, and a smaller or average-size head. The King features a consistently reported growth spurt since Skull Island that increases his size by 3 times.

Legends collide as Godzilla and Kong, the 2 most powerful forces of nature, clash on the large screen during a spectacular battle for the ages. Star Eiza Gonzalez stated during a recent interview, “two young girls” are the guts of the film’s story, meaning if she speaks for herself, the most characters are probably hers which of Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown).

Here Are Gonzalez’s Exact Words:

“It’s an outsized cast also, and it had been really fun to be a part of it. There’s such a lot happening, but the guts of it’s two young girls also, which is such a positive message for society nowadays. It’s just incredible.”

These remarks have some fearing Godzilla vs. Kong are going to be another woke-fest. We won’t know until November when it’s finally meant to return out – that’s unless coronavirus warrants a change in plans once more.

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