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Money Heist Season 5 {Confirmed Release Date, Plot} Is Out & Disclosed

Money Heist Season 5 {Confirmed Release Date, Plot} Is Out & Disclosed

Money Heist recently dropped its fourth season on Netflix, but fans are already questioning whether there will be a season 5 for the famous Spanish show.

The series, also known as La Casa de Papel. Only just released eight new episodes of season 4 on Netflix. The very awaited season dropped in full on April 3. However, binge-watchers are already desperate to find out whether there will be a season 5.

Watch season 4 trailer here:

Money Heist Season 5: Find Out Everything

Although there haven’t been any official statements from Netflix about the release of season 5. It may continue the widely loved Spanish series. There haven’t been any official dates as the streaming site waits for a month or two before announcing any such decisions. But we are guessing that Money Heist will continue to season 5.

The creators of Money Heist have dropped several hints about the possible release of the fifth season. Creator Alex Pina spoke to ABC in Spain and said, “Someone knows there will be, but not us.”

One of the publications, too, reported back in 2019 that Season 5 has been confirmed and is under production.

Director of original international content for Spain and Latin America at Netflix, Paco Ramon commented that future seasons are probable if things go well enough.

Although there hasn’t been an official release date, we are hoping that season 5 will drop in late 2021 or early 2022, but not earlier. Sorry fans, but that’s how it is!

Given the global Coronavirus pandemic, all of Hollywood is shut down, with several major series and film productions put on halt. Therefore, it seems only natural that Money Heist season 5, too, will be delayed.

What To Expect In Season 5

In season 4, we saw the team plotting their escape from the Bank of Spain. This apart, viewers also saw how they tried to rescue Lisbon(Itziar Ituño) and Nairobi(Alba Flores) after they were captured.

They also attempted to fend off the threat posed to them by the hostage Gandia(Jose Manuel Poga). All of this ended dramatically with the rescue of Lisbon, and Alicia Sierra(Najma Nimri) held a gun to the professor’s(Alvaro Morte) head.

We are guessing that season 5 will pick up from right where it left off. Fingers crossed!

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