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Is ‘Ragnarok’ Season 2 Releasing Anytime Soon To Demystify Climate Change Concerns?

Ragnarok has been giving us the feels of MCU since its first season. While we are still waiting for Thor 4, here are some news regarding the second season Ragnarok series.

Is Netflix cancelling the show?

Not! Netflix has already renewed the Norse mythological series, and the production has also started. According to sources, the shooting will begin anytime soon, so we can expect to view a trailer at least in December 2020.

There are no reasons for Netflix to cancel the show, as it has a huge fanbase, and the first season has given a lot of profit to the streaming service. However, will Netflix renew the show for a 3rd season or not, that is yet to be known.

When will the S2 release?

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Okay, so the answer to this question is not yet known. We are expecting an early 2021 release. Nut, there are chances for the delay due to the pandemic.

As the first season aired in January 2020, so we can expect the 2nd season by next year. Fans, don’t be upset. Though MCU is delaying its movies and Netflix is trying its best to provide us with the content, we do have to wait.

Possible plot details

In the 1st season, we saw Magne killing the giant Vidar. Though the ending scene was epic, the story has just begun.

Magne finally used his lightning powers to defeat the giant but, other giants of the Jutul family are after him. Furthermore, we are also expecting Laurits to take on the role of Loki, the God Of Mischief.

Though the producers and creators are not revealing anything, we can still expect that considerable trouble is coming in the way of Magne. Apart from that, there are more adventures and more mythological revelations that we would witness in the 2nd season.

Though we have to wait for some time, we hope that the 2nd season would be worthy of the wait.

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