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Cowboy Bebop: Initial Release Date, Official Teaser, Latest [UPDATE] And Spoilers You Must Know

Some might remember Cowboy Bebop as a Japanese animated sci-fiction series. Besides, the television series’ came out long back in 1998. And it didn’t take long to get excellent reviews and positive feedback.

It went on and appeared as a total success. Moreover, we all know how Netflix introduces many different shows on their platform. The streaming giant has finally decided to bring back Cowboy Bebop, in the form of a Netflix series’.

Furthermore, the plan for this show seems quite short and simple. Cowboy Bebop will air as a live-action show on Netflix. Moreover, the anime based show will have just one episode. Yes, no follow-ups or cliffhangers in the season finale. In addition to that, the first and only season will consist of 10 actions packed episodes. Besides, the plot of the Netflix show will take inspiration from the former release of 1998.

The show will have just one season

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Furthermore, the story revolves around a group of bounty hunters. Not living a normal life, the are trying desperately to escape and run away from their past. Not only that but they also are planning to hunt down some criminals, the universe’s most dangerous ones.

The timeline of the show will take place in the future in the year 2071. And the future isn’t fairies and rainbows. Besides, a majority of the human race has taken over the different planets and moons of the solar system. The crime rate keeps increasing and increasing.

On the other hand, the Inter Solar Police have given the bounty hunters also called the Cowboys, the permission to chase and catch criminals. Their motive appears to get them all to justice and end the wrongdoings. Together, we see how the crew of Bebop chases these dangerous and evil criminals. Will they win the fight of justice? We’ll have to wait for that.

An onset injury took place while filming

Moreover, Netflix hasn’t announced an official release date for Cowboy bebop yet. However, we’re looking forward to a 2021 release since the production of the show faced delays twice. Initially, an onset injury took place on the set of the live-action series. Besides, the coronavirus outbreak followed the incident, which caused filming to pause.

The show also promises a well-picked cast. Actor John Cho will star as the lead character, cool but slightly idiotic, Spike Spiegel. Meanwhile, Mustafa Shakir will play Jet Black, who and Danielle Pineda will play the role of Faye Valentine.

A little corgi will make an appearance under the name, Ein whereas Alex Hassell will play Vicious. And here comes the villain of the show, Julia, played by Elena Satine. We can’t wait to watch this series’ and hope Netflix adds some original twist to the original plot.

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