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Wishing Speedy Recovery, Cardi B Hospitalized With ‘Real Bad Stomach Problems

The celebrated female rapper Cardi B was hospitalized after she found herself dealing with serious stomach issues. The rapper said that she had been dealing with her stomach situation for as long as four days.

Then finally, she decided to go to a medical facility. She was later admitted. But she is currently recuperating from her present health condition. This is a huge respite for all of her fans around the world, given the current situation.

“Went To The ER Last Night”

Cardi B shared the news of her getting medical help on Twitter on Wednesday. She wrote, “Honestly, cause I have been having some real bad stomach problems for four days. I went to the ER last night.” She then added that she has been feeling better now, and she is hoping that her pain will subside by the next day.

“Mood Right Fuckin Now”

But soon we got to witness the real picture of Cardi B. On Wednesday night itself; Cardi B posted a picture of Donald Duck by captioning it, “Mood right fuckin now.” The picture had Donald Duck trying to go to bed while he was too hungry to do so.

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Given the present situation of the spread of coronavirus around the world, her getting to the hospital had raised other suspicions too. The rapper was speculated of incurring coronavirus. But, these are just speculations, and there is nothing to substantiate it. Well, we hope Cardi B gets in the pink of her health soon.

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Mood right fuckin now 😒

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Cardi B had raised her concern towards the spread of coronavirus earlier in an Instagram video of hers. She had expressed her confusion and suspicion. She has been very vocal about the current crisis that the world is going through. She even pointed out that celebrities were getting the tests quickly as compared to other folks.

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