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The O.G. Mommy Commands Travis Scott To Make It Official With Kylie Jenner!

Kris Ordering Tyga To Propose Kylie Officially.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott solve their riff-off and are together after their melodramatic breakup. Their fans have been calculating days until both of them take the next huge step.

Well, now it seems like Kylie’s mother, Kris Jenner, ordered Tyga to propose to her daughter Kylie and make things official worldwide so that fans would be happy.

According to the report given by The Sun, Kris had got involved in the melodrama within both of them and eventually asked Travis to commit to the relationship by getting engaged to Kylie.

“Kris firmly does not want anyone fooling around with her daughter – she’s said Travis to put a ring on her finger and commit to her for a second baby,” a source informed the Sun. “Kylie might never have such rules written down in that way, but Kylie did want to have another baby and commitment from him,” it was revealed.

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“She does look up to Kim West and Kanye for their marriage and a huge family. It’s also Kylie’s dream – so, therefore, Kris is right about it, and Travis needs to commit to her!” the insider included.

While there was speculation about their patch-up and did have the made-up mogul and did give confirmation by sharing a couple of lovely photos.

Blast From The Past.

However, the couple parted their ways in September 2019. Even though after that, they remain friends and co-parents. The romance of their relationship is now officially over. And now, people are only asking why things went in different directions.

Well, nobody was happy with their breakup. But they remained good friends and were taking care of their new baby together.

According to recent news, the couple are together and are dating again. Due to their earlier breakup story, Kris Jenner asked Travis Scott to get engaged to her daughter Kylie.

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