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Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Teaser Trailer Features Michael Burnham In Future With a Brand New Look!

The new yet short trailer for Star Trek Discovery has been released, and we are stunned. In the 15 second long video, we can see Michael Burnham in the future with a tattered flag in hand. Viewers are very excited for the third season, but the producers have confirmed no premiere date.

Unfortunately, the post-production of season 3 is delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The promo was initially set to release the premiere date, but nothing is stable right now.

The Return Of Michael Burnham, What To Expect From The New Season?

Season 2 ended with The U.S.S Discovery going down the wormhole, claiming and informing the viewers that the crew will be in the future, by about 1000 years. the trailer creates the new status of the present state of the show. This twist takes Burnham and the other in the future in the name of Starfleet. This is the first a Star Trek universe has gone this far.


Book is said to be “a natural charisma” or “devil-care” disposition. The Discovery will need a new captain in season 3, and we will have to wait for the show to premiere to find out our new captain.

Release Date And Production Of The Show

As we all are aware and affected by the ongoing pandemic, the Star Trek Universe is no different. The post-production of the show has been delayed. It means the official release date is altered now. The teaser was to showcase the new release date, but CBS made a change last minute.

However, we can estimate that it can premiere in Spring 2020. The first two seasons were released between January and April of each year, and we can expect the same with season 3.

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