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Gamers, Here’s ALL You Need To Know About ‘Dying Light 2’: Launch Date, Graphics, Game Play & More

When it comes to horror, the only thing that first clings to everyone’s mind is zombies. Especially in games, it is very much essential for their inclusion. So for a zombie lover, the best game one can think of is the horror first player survivor game named Techland’s Dying Light. After Warner Bros. published the first game on January 26 of 2015, it was a huge hit. Till then gamers are eagerly waiting for the release of the sequel to the original.

Survivor stuffed with Zombies all over :

The sequel of Dying light is going to be a special and unique game. There are many factors to differentiate it from a normal stereotype horror zombie-filled game. This game takes all to fifteen years after the original set up to an area where the place resembles a modern dark age set up.

The player is Aiden Caldwell, who is an infected survivor with exceptional skills like jumping, climbing, sliding and many more to survive. Now it entirely depends on him so that with whom he will team up in this apocalyptic city to save its future. Following the footsteps of the original first game, this sequel has got 4 players co-op so that we can see how the decision taken is going to change the future of the city.

Delay in its Release :

At the E3 event in 2019, the team have announced that the second instalment of Dying Light will be released in spring of 2020. Then in January 2020, a sad announcement has come up from the developer Techland that the series is indefinitely delayed.

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Gathering all the reports and the progress of the work it is likely to be assumed that the second edition of the game will be released by late 2020. This game will be available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4.

As of now, the trailer is released for the gaming freaks to get the glimpse of how the sequel of Dying Light is going to be.

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