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Demanding Equal Treatment, T.I. Calls For Kodak Black Freedom After 6ix9ine Release

Although the whole world is scared of the coronavirus pandemic and hoping for the virus to end soon, however, in the most bizarre case, some people are delighted with the onset of the epidemic. If we talk about Tekashi 6ix9ine, he has got the best out of the fatal pandemic. Tekashi should be thanking COVID-19.

T.I. was concerned about Kodak Black’s Freedom

The southern rap legend T.I. Has come forward to share another concern. He has another name in the list to add after Tekashi was released from jail. He officially called through his Instagram handle to let Bill K.

Kapri to even get the fresh air as Tekashi. Otherwise known as Kodak Black is also spending his time in the four walls of the jail. The “No Mediocre” rapper commented on a post made by the popular commentator Dj Akademiks, where he said – “Sh*****t Dey need to Free @kodakblack den…”

How fans reacted to the comment:

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Kodak’s fans were overwhelmed by T.I.’s comment and supported him for the statement that he made. However, some people started interrogating T.I. About why he wants the Florida rapper out of jail. A few people pointed out the fact that Tekashi was released and his sentence date has been pushed forward because of his health issue. He has a specific medical condition which makes him susceptible to the virus when he is made to stay in the ill-conditioned jail.

6in9ine’s release has instigated many rappers:

Another explanation that was thrown towards T.I. was the time remaining for the sentencing of Kodak black versus Tekashi’s. At the moment, Kodak black’s sentencing date is expected to be in 2022. However, Tekashi has only four months to his sentencing.

That isn’t just for Kodak Black. Many other rappers are also calling for freedom after Tekashi’s release. Rappers like YNW Melly, Bobby Shmurda, and many others are still in the lockup, and this spark has given them hope.

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