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Bella Hadid Knows How To Ace The At-Home Style, Thanks A Cool New York Designer

Like other celebrities, the famous model Bella Hadid is also maintaining social distance in his house. She is doing her part by staying at home and not roaming outside. Yesterday she posted a photo while fixed her on the bed.

She took the photo in her usual style. The model is famous for her forward-thinking street style. And her Instagram post was incomplete without some major fashion moment. Instead of wearing a sporty costume, she wore a coat by one of her favourite brands. She posted a couple of pics in different posture on her Instagram handler.

Inspired By A New Brand:

Bella Hadid posted her pic and captioned the pic with a girl in her yellow coat. Hadid captioned the new photo from her latest photoshoot. The coat was from the famous brand Bode. The brand is from Vogue fashion fund finalist Emily Bode.

Bode is a famous fashion designer as well as the owner of a few brands. She used to make her dresses from one kind of vintage textiles. Hadid posed herself for a couple of photos. And Hadid styled herself without wearing a top underneath.

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Along with the yellow coat, she also wore so many fashion accessories. She wore a Black bandana headscarf with a pearl necklace. And she had  Giant gold hoop earring which added an Ecstatic look to her.

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a girl and her favorite yellow jacket : a series

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 Fashion Has The Mood-Boosting Factor:

Not only Hadid but also many celebrities have unwrapped their fashion sense during this quarantine period. However, the celebrities who are present currently on social media are focusing more on soft and casual minded looks.

While if we will talk about Hadid’s look, it added more playful fashion to her style. And another good thing is fashion has the mood-boosting factor even we are sheltered in quarantine. Hadid proved this factor while she was in quarantine.

Many celebrities have also involved themselves in different ways in this quarantine. Many are busy with gardening, cooking, writing while others are busy with exercise and social distancing.

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ok, the series is over now. thank you for coming

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