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All About Alita Battle Angel 2 : {Release Date}, Plot, Trailer, Expectations, New Cast, Hilarious Expectations

We have to agree that James Cameron’s films’ have a different appeal to them. Right from the on-screen effects to the live-action and cinematography, it’s all mind-blowing as well as unique. He changed the course of the film industry with the iconic sci-fi film Avatar. And another sci-fi film directed by Cameron has us all talking.

You got it, Alita Battle Angel, the action along with science fiction released back in 2019. Besides, the director had the project in mind for a long time and worked hard with his crew on the movie—Alita Battle Angel, based on a Japanese Manga that came out twenty years ago.

The movie’s based on Japanese Manga

Besides, the audience and critics had mixed reviews about the film. While some loved the movie, others were not too keen about it. However, the film still went on as a box office hit. Almost two years after it’s release, fans are still waiting for Alita Battle Angel 2.

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Are we ever getting the sequel of the manga film? The movie focuses on the main character, Alita, who lost her memory. But, Dr.Ido, a Cybernetics Physician, takes her under his care and treats her like his daughter. While she forgot everything about her past, Alita remembers one thing- Martial Artwork. And it seems like that’s all she needs.

Rosa Salazar agrees to play Alita for the sequel

There’s no official confirmation or date of the sequel of Alita Battle Angel yet. Previously, there were ongoing rumors that the film will premiere in 2021. Cameron, along with the director, Robert Rodriguez will work together for the upcoming sequel.

Moreover, Rosa Salazar, who plays the lead, Alita, revealed she has no idea about the script or plot. However, if a sequel’s in the works, she’ll come back as Alita. Besides, the 2021 release plan might not work out because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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