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While Bantering Sophie Turner Admits That Dr. Fauci Is Drunk During Quarantine

“I’m very, very safe. Very, very confined, and i love it,” Sophie Turner, 24, said to Conan O’Brien during the at-home version of Conan on Mar. 31. The actor of Games of Thrones told that she was a natural “introvert, a homebody.” So because of this, the actor could not understand how other people “are struggling to practice social distancing. All you got to do is stay at home and get drunk every day.” When Conan, 56, insisted that Dr Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), hasn’t recommended “just get drunk at home” so that one can repel the coronavirus, Sophie shot back. “Yeah, but you can see that he’s thinking about it.”

Drinking and DJing

Speaking of alcohol, Sophie and her husband, Joe Jonas, 30, are doing good while under quarantine. Joe has “taken up Instagram Live DJing,” Sophie jokingly said. “He’s [started] doing that lately and very loudly when I’m trying to read my scripts.

 He’s DJing at home, and the other day, yesterday or the day before, he began with the ’80s set for almost two hours. … But it’s okay, perfect! I pour him his drinks. And give him his alcohol. I provide him with tequila shots.”

Couple Using All The Time To Spend With Each Other

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During the home interview, Sophie revealed that one reason why she’s “loving” this quarantine is that it gives her much needed one-on-one time together with her husband. He’s a “social butterfly.” Sophie reveals that she has a hard time getting him all to herself. Joe is pampering Sophie by cooking for her on the daily and doing anything she is requesting,” .An independent source has reported.

 “He has been having tons and tons of fun doing everything for her. And it has helped with their relationship that’s already in an excellent spot. They love that they’re being forced to be together and are taking all things very positively. It is as fun for them as this time can’t often come for them right now.”

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