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Modern Family Brings On Some Dirty Dancing, Decide To Bid Adieu In Style! {LEAKED IMAGES}

After 250 episodes and 22 Emmys, one of the most beloved show is finally coming to an end. There are officially just one or preferably two episodes left in the series announced ABC. ABC also announced that a one-hour documentary would air before the two-part, one-hour finale on Wednesday, April 2020.

The latest episode ended with a bit of surprise for Mitch and Cam. The new baby that they are adopting has arrived before they have managed to move into their new house. All of their things are packed and moving away in a truck.

Although Mitch was able to say goodbye to the old house with his Dirty Dancing before the baby arrived, Manny, Joe, Jay connected with a little wine-tasting competition. Joe didn’t participate; he acted as a judge. Phil and Claire got worked up over being cool grandparents, not some regular grandparents.

“A Modern Farewell” Will Be Telecasted Before The Finale

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The documentary that will be telecasted before the finale will look back at all episodes of the adored comedy. The documentary is named as A Modern Farewell, and it will include things even from the very first episodes.

Modern Farewell is expected to have a range of interviews with the cast and crew members. But that is not all, table read of the script for the final episode is due to air straight after the documentary.

“Everybody Was Extremely Emotional,” Tell The Director

The show’s director told everyone was incredibly emotional at the shooting of the final scene of the show. He said, “It’s kind of like when you’re a kid, and your best friend moves away — only it’s 100 best friends.”

A group of moving photos from the set taken during the filming for the final season were shared earlier this month to give fans a glimpse of what to expect in the series finale.

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