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Kevin Hart And Wife Are “Thrilled” For Expanding Their Family with Baby #2

Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish have been through a lot in their past life, but as per sources, their marriage is in a great place right now. The couple is all thrilled following the announcement of their second child together.

A source of the People’s Magazine in this week’s issue claims, “They are both thrilled about her being pregnant again.”

The Couple’s Announcement

The couple recently took to Instagram on March 24 to announce this great news to the fans with a picture of Parrish showing her belly. The 35-year-old mother captioned that in the midst of all of this, they are counting their blessings and couldn’t be more grateful.

Their Backstory

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When Eniko Parrish was eight months pregnant with their first child together, son Enzo. The 40-year-old comedian cheated on her. Hart later publicly owned up to his transgression and addressed in his Netflix series Don’t F**k it Up.

As per the source above, their marriage is stronger than ever.

Parrish was there to support her husband when the Jumanji actor recovered form an emergency back surgery due to a car crash. The spent by them together helped strengthen their relationship.

This accident also led to Hart to shift his focus from his work to his family. It made Kevin appreciate how lucky he was to have Eniko in his life and by his side. Now they enjoy regular family dinners and movie nights.

The source claims that after the accident, Hart has balanced his life differently. Now, instead of being all about work, he spends a lot more time with his family at home and enjoys it. Kevin Hart is happy appreciates it all.

We too are happy for the couple and congratulate them. Are you a fan of Kevin Hart? Let us know what you think about this?



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