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Coronavirus Pandemic Hits ‘Mission Impossible 7’ The Hardest, Here’s Why!

Mission impossible had a global impression. Everyone liked the movie, and it was a hit in almost all countries. The 7th sequel was about to come to a release after its shooting completed.

The mission impossible 7 was a movie that has been scheduled to end the shoot by a year and two then after we would have enjoyed watching the movie in cinemas.

Delay in Shooting Of Mission Impossible:

The global crisis of Corona Virus has some different plans.  The crisis originated from China and soon became a pandemic. Every country has declared for shutdowns, and everywhere there are restrictions for social gatherings.

Mission Impossible 7 had scheduled its shooting in Venice and Italy for 3 weeks this month.  Italy has seen the worst part of the pandemic and has lost maximum lives in the crisis.

Stay Protected from COVID-19:

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Hence,  the government restricted the shooting of the mission impossible in those places. It can be taken as a precautionary measure for the cast and crew to prevent the deadly coronavirus. No vaccine, no medicine can protect you from the fate of corona.

Thus to ensure the safety of the crew,  the Italian government asked the team not to shoot now. There are 4 people in Venice as well,  who are affected by this virus. Thus it would never be safe for its shoot there.

Chinese Box Office:

There was another sequence that would have been shot in China. The conditions of China as well are against the shooting of the movie. Several movies on hold were scheduled to release in China, including Disney’s Mulan.

China contributes to a big part of the box office, but as the theatres are closed due to the pandemic outbreak,  the movies are kept on hold.

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