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Alita Battle Angel 2: Fan Theories On The Sequel Are Fascinating.

The movie Alita Battle Angel, directed by James Cameron, was a massive hit amongst the general public and displayed an incredible adaptation of the Japanese source material. Although it received mixed reviews from the critics, it managed to make a solid fanbase for itself. Also, there has been no official confirmation of the sequel yet. But James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez appeared to be intrigued by the thought.

Rosa Salazar, who plays Alita, when asked about the sequel quoted: The whole Disney-Fox acquisition is so involved; this isn’t the proper time on behalf of me to call Alan Horn and be like, ‘Hey bro, I do know you bought lotta stuff happening, but like what about Alita 2?’.

Fan Theories:

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Since Alita: Battle Angel has no confirmation yet. But, with the movie plot, all among us can predict a sequel of this story. Amongst all the chaos going around within the world, fans are finding their calm. In predicting stories to the present fantastic movie.

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Alita may be a story of the cyborg warrior who is prepared to explore the planet. As per the manga source, the story we saw within the first part isn’t the top. Creators have such a lot left to point out to the planet. Fans expect to ascertain the town of Zalem, which was the teasing part within the first movie.

Who Will Return For The Alita Battle Angel 2?

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Well, if the Rosa is to be believed, she is going to play Alita till her death so that she will play Alita within the sequel also. Alita’s surrogate father, a scientist, and even a bounty hunter, Christoph Waltz might reprise his role as Dr Dyson Ido, and that we hope that the incredibly talented Edward Norton continues to play the role of Nova.

According to manga sources and theories of fans, we’ll see Rosa Salazar’s character travelling to the magical city of Zalem. She is going to explore the floating city and encounter many famous characters there.

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