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Revealed The Ares Season 2’s Actual Reason Behind Termination Everything You & I Must Know.

Here’s what’s known thus far about Ares season 2

Ares, the Dutch series, was filmed exclusively for Netflix and put its spin on the favored dystopian association sort of horror that’s been utilized in several movies recently, like Midsommar and Suspiria.

There also are elements within the series that recall Hannibal. Ares follows the story of Rosa, a student who gets inducted into an association in Holland and quickly learns that there’s a supernatural element to the present exclusive club.

Throughout its 8 half-hour episodes, Ares brings the violence, mystery, and drama that horror fans love, culminating during a shocking ending involving the series’ monster and Rosa. Ares is structured similarly to The Mandalorian therein it’s like one, long movie.

The end of season 1 plays a call at typical horror movie fashion. A shocking turn of events comes at the very end that would either be the top of the story or an ideal cliffhanger for a follow-up if there’s an interest during a sequel. Here’s what’s known thus far about Ares season 2.

Ares Season 2 Release Date Info,

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The first season of Ares was released on Netflix on January 17, 2020, in typical Netflix fashion with all 8 episodes available immediately. So far, there’s no word on a release date for Ares season 2. Netflix features a history of renewing hit series rather quickly. The Witcher, which also recently came out, already features a season 2 targeted for 2021. If viewer numbers are high enough, expect to listen to something sooner instead of later.

Ares Season 2 Cast Info,

Ares season 1 starred Jade Olieberg as Rosa, alongside Tobias Kersloot as Jacob Wessels. Lisa Smit as Carmen Zwanenburg, and Robin Boissevain as Roderick Van Hall. There’s currently no cast announced for Ares season 2. Though judging by how season 1 ends, fans should get a minimum of expecting Jade Olieberg back to reprise her role of Rosa.

Ares Season 2 Story,

There are not any official details for the Ares season 2 story. Though the top of the primary season points to where the series could go. It’s revealed by the top that the key society. Ares was created to stay a supernatural force referred to as Beal contained.

Beal, viewers learn, maybe a black tar-like substance that’s the physical. The manifestation of the guilt that Ares members have expelled for hundreds of years. Necessarily, it’s pure human evil. Within the end, Rosa jumps into Beal and absorbs it.

She is emerging from the black pool as something spiritual being reborn. She is shown having tar-black eyes. A possible Ares season 2 theory is that Rosa’s new power are going to be explored further.

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