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Ragnarok Season 2: Current UPDATES, Spoilers Seemingly Revealed, & New Connections {LEAKED INFORMATION}

The final battle of Magne and Vidar is still in front of our eyes. How can we forget the epic battle, where the tables turned, and Magne used his lightning to kill Vidar? But as the fight over? Would other giants leave Magne like that? The answers would be found in the 2nd season of Ragnarök.

While MCU fans are eagerly waiting for the movies, Netflix found a way to soothe the fans. When Ragnarok hit the screens, we expected the story to be somewhat similar to that of Thor. But it turns out, Netflix had other plans. The story is about a teenage boy who does not know that he is the god of thunder. 

However, Netflix has renewed the show for another season, despite the mixed reviews from people. The show has a huge fanbase, and we hope that there would be more episodes in this season.

Ragnarok S2 premiere date

Ragnarok Season 2 Given the Green Light by Netflix - VitalThrills.com

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Well, now that we know that Netflix has renewed the show, we can expect the shooting to start soon. Speaking of the release date, Netflix would most likely release the episodes by march 2021. Though there are rumours that the 2nd season would also have six events like the 1st one, we do hope that the number of events is high.

In addition to that, Netflix has not yet uploaded any official trailer for the 2nd season. When can we expect the trailer? Most likely in early 2021, the trailer would be uploaded by Netflix.

Spoilers for 2nd season

What can we expect from the second season of Ragnarok? Well, though Magne has killed Vidar, other giants of the Jutul family might be after Magne. We would be able to witness some great fights in the second season.

Furthermore, we can also expect Laurits, Magne’s brother, to become Loki, in this season. There is going to be confusion, mischief and adventure in this season as well.

Who would all be there in this season? Well, we would see David Stakston and Jonas Strand Gravil in this season. But along with them, we would also see some new faces.

Fans, get ready to go on a journey with our God Of Thunder.

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