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Radioactive (2020): Heart-felt Leaked Review About A Tale Of Love & Fallout.

Marie Curie is undoubtedly one of the prominent woman’s the world have ever witnessed. So making on her a bio-pic was a never-ending tradition for the filmmakers. Starting from 1943’s Oscar-nominated film, Madame Curie then followed by 1997’s Les Palmes de M. Schutz by the French Production and later in 2016, Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge has been released. Then yet again another movie Radioactive adapted from the novel of the same name has been released.

Portraying Ups and Downs :

As written in the novel, even in the movie, there are a lot of aspects talked about Curie. It started from her journey when she was born in 1867 in Warsaw. Then she married a physicist Pierre Curie in 1895. Then comes her unstoppable achievements.

She was winning the first Nobel Prize as a woman honour in 1903 along with her husband in Physics. Then later on in 1911, she went on to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry making it again a record for a woman to win Nobel Prize twice. Her discovery of radioactive materials. In this way, the movie depicts a lot of amazing things that are still an inspiration to the people out there.

While not just her ups are shown, but also her setbacks are depicted in it. This movie shows how a woman known for her research work as a scientist fell into the world of men and romance. After the death of her husband in 1906, he affair with her husband’s student Paul Langevin is also shown. These scenes though, were real; it was like a setback even for the audience to see the dark side of a role model’s life.

Great names that carried this out :

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This movie was directed by the Oscar nominee, Marjane Satrapi, and penned by the infamous Jack Thorn. The beautiful and talented actress Rosamund Pike has amazingly set in the shoes of the Marie Curie. Sam Riley plays Pierre Curie, husband of Marie Curie in this film.

The trailer was released in February. While the movie was released in the UK on March 8 on the occasion of Women’s day. The worldwide release followed up on March 20.

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