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Prince Charles Relieved From COVID-19, British Royals Takes A Deep Breath

Prince Charles Of England Recovers From Coronavirus To The Royal Family’s Great Relief

Earlier this month. Prince Charles of England had been tested positive for Coronavirus and was kept in isolation and was under treatment. The 71-year-old prince came out of isolation on Monday and is in good health as of now.

His royal spokesperson declared, “Clarence House has confirmed today (Monday) that, having consulted with his doctor, The Prince of Wales is now out of self-isolation.”

How Did Prince Charles Contract Coronavirus: Find Out

The Prince of Wales has tested positive last week by the National Health Service(NHS) in Aberdeenshire. Prince Charles and his wife were tested after they had flown to Scotland and the royal couple remained there.

Officials have said that it is impossible to trace the source of his infection as the prince has to attend several meetings and appointments throughout his day. Although the prince had adopted the no-contact ‘Namaste’ greeting for people as a protective measure, he still was diagnosed with the virus.

Queen Elizabeth, 93, said to have last seen her son on March 12 and that he seemed in good health. Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip, 98, remain in Windsor Castle.

Upon testing positive for Coronavirus, the Prince of Wales was in self-isolation on the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Scotland. His wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, tested negative yet she too practised isolation in Scotland separately.

After seven days following his diagnosis, the Prince is finally out of his quarantine and is in good health now and continues to work from home.

What Is The Current Global Scenario Regarding Coronavirus

With the global Coronavirus outbreak, nature seems to be rebooting itself. Streets are empty; pollution levels dropped drastically, animal sightings have increased considerably. There have been several good outcomes from the pandemic along with the bad. The life threat, however, continues to grow as several countries enter phase 3 of the epidemic.

The number of infections continues to rise steadily without any signs if stagnation with over 50,000 deaths worldwide. The world is in lockdown, and there’s no saying when things will return to normal, but we hope it happens soon.

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