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Meghan Markle’s Homecoming Led Prince Harry To Plunge Into A World Miles Away

Prince Harry And Wife Meghan Have Severed Ties With The Royal Family And Have Embarked Upon Their New Life With Son Archie

The couple has reportedly stepped down as senior members of the Royal family and are settled in California. They are currently residing in a compound in Malibu outside Los Angeles.

However, how the couple will begin their new life and adjust remains to be seen.

What Are The Possible Options For The Former Royal Couple

Meghan Markle’s options seem to be quite a clear simple. She is back in her hometown, where she was born and brought up. Her mother lives there too. She even has extensive contacts from her days as an actress and can continue from where she left off. “I think Meghan will continue to work in the entertainment world one way or another,” celebrity branding expert Jeetendra Sehdev commented.

Meghan can go back to acting in films, or she can resort to filming documentaries. She previously has done a voice over for a National Geographic show. The fact that she was a princess makes are well suited for appearances by Disney and the likes of them.

Netflix and other significant streamers have expressed their interest in working with her. Meghan, however, has to choose her roles wisely from herein. According to journalist Simon Thompson,

“I think she’ll get some big offers. It depends on whether she wants to continue to be seen as a celebrity or as an agent of change.”

For Prince Harry, however, things will not be as free-flowing. While for Meghan this is merely a return to her life before she became Royalty, for Harry it’s a plunge into the complete unknown.

The couple could, as stated by Thompson, emulate Obama’s production company which will bring their focus in life – mental health, veteran care, nature – to the forefront.

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