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Dead to Me Season 2: Rumours About Its Cancellations? Will There Be Season 3? Here’s The Confirmed Leaked Answer.

Netflix is bringing in a great series of different genres altogether. Dead to me has recently been a great success with a whopping 8.1 IMDB rating. This series is a darker version of Grace and Frankie.

The series follows two characters Jen and Judy, who lose their better halves precisely around the same time. After their loss, their meeting and the relation they get into with each other suffering the same pain drives their relation and the story of the show.

Which direction season 2 is headed to :

In season one, it is known that Judy loses her fiance as he dies of a heart attack while Jen lost her husband when he got crushed by a driver. Though Jen and Judy are opposite in character, this point of losing their beloved ones gathers them together.

Their relationship develops so strong that it appears as if they are one in a million. In season one all can see that Judy shields out Jen from knowing a dark secret. The major revelation at the end of season one is that Jen is the murderer of Judy’s Ex-fiance. So this theory could be explained how it has happened to the viewers.

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While Liz Feldman, the creator this show has hinted that the show ending is not going to be as an expected one.

Speculating the release and casting :

Going with casting the audience could not imagine other than Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini to play the roles of Judy and Jen. Moreover, Christina Applegate has also won the award for Outstanding Lead Actress for Primetime Emmy Award. In addition to the two leads out there, we can even see the likes of Max Jenkins, Luke Ressler, and Brandon Scott returning to season 2.

After the 10-episode season got premiered on May 3 of 2019, it did not take much time for them to start with the shoot. On June 4, they have announced about the second season and started the shoot. Many reports have come that the shooting and most of the post-production work is wrapped up.

So it wouldn’t take much time for the fans to see the second season. Many speculate it’s release to be on May 9 of 2020. While Netflix has not officially said it out, so fans must wait for the trailer of the second season to confirm it’s release. No trailer has been out so as of now watch what the actors have to say about season 2.

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