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Black Summer Season 2: What’s About To Happen In New Season? Details About {Hilarious Plots} And {New Casting}

Black Summer is the prequel to Z-Nation as this series tracks the events that happened before the Z-nation. It is one of the best horror series currently available on Netflix It is a sui generis unexplained horror series that brings in an anguished mother in search of her lost daughter.

She joins her quest along with many more who want to survive on the cruel land of Zombies all over. So this is a story about survival tactics from the protagonists as they are worse at facing the zombies. With a marvellous run, fans are holding back and sweating to see the second season soon.

Clear Picture of Cast :

Not much has come out about the people who are going to be a part of season 2. But it is quite sure that Jaime King will be back as Rose, Justin Chu Cary will be back as Spears, Christine lee as Kyungsun. John Hyams and Karl Schaefer have created this show. But for season two only John Hyams going to return.

These are the confirmed names as of now. While talking about William, Sal Velez Jr has said that he has not penned anything about Williams. He might show up as Jon Snow as his body was not shown and people want to see more of his character. So he is not supposed to tell whether he is alive or dead.

Short Break due to COVID-19 :

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The second season of Black Summer has started it’s production work in early 2020. But soon the team had to close on the shooting due to the massive corona outbreak ensuring the safety of the crew and staff working out on Season On March 18 of 2020, the team have cancelled their shooting.

So this delay would affect the return of the show to Netflix in 2020. Filming for the first part started in July 2018, and they have wrapped up the shoot by September of the same year. But the team have said that as soon the condition prevails safe they will presume the work at Calgary in Canada. They have posted about this in their twitter handle. So the fans must expect the season 2 might release somewhere in 2020.

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