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Benjamin Scheuer Dedicates His Debut To Transgender Day Of Visibility With An Exceptionally Powerful Video

March 31 was dedicated to mark International Transgender Day of Visibility, and there can never be a perfect theme song decided to this beautiful day other than Benjamin Scheuer’s music video. Do not know what we are talking about? Hop on to read further.

‘I am Samantha’

Singer-songwriter Benjamin Scheuer unveiled his debut single on Tuesday ‘I am Samantha’ which was dedicated to the International Transgender Day Of Visibility.

His music video was dedicated to screenwriter Samantha Williams who is trans. It is inspired by the beautiful friendship they share. And the video would have brought tears to all of us!!

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The video is all about a whole population of transgender people who expresses their cries affirmation of their identities through the lyrics of the same.

Apart from William, who is the lead in the song, it has a massive starring including Monica Helm who is notably known for creating the transgender pride flag and ‘Queer Eye’ Skyler Jay.

To Sam, With Love.

Through this video, Scheuer wanted to capture Sam’s feelings, and he rightfully did so. Though he is straight, he dedicated this piece of beauty to his friend and wrote it from her perspective. He even revealed that he is aware of the critics and all that comes along. But he is here to tell stories and would never shy away from doing that!

Williams was overwhelmed when she got to know of the idea and joining the cast was one of her most exciting moments. She was elated with the design and hoped to make people feel a little less alone and that it is kind of very first for her when she is watching a music video with full trans population. And that’s merely empowering and inspiring!

Who else is proud of Scheuer as a man and wants him as a friend?

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