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All Things Interesting: Explained What Is Going To Happen In Alita Battle Angel 2, Current [UPDATES] & New Casting

James Cameron’s very long-awaited pet project Alita: Battle Angel just arrived two decades after the legendary director started adapting manga. The first movie was directed by Robert Rodriguez, which ended up getting mixed kind of reviews. It also dedicated fan base resulting in a respectable take of 404.9 million worldwide.

This collection is not enough to guarantee a sequel, but it is good enough to warrant one of Disney wants to make one. The leading cast Rosa Salazar confirmed in July last year that she has not heard anything about the sequel.

The Plot Of The Sequel 

Alita Battle Angel 2: Fan Theories For The Sequel, Release Date

The film is intended to be a complete story, if not any questions of our does not get answered.

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Alita loses her lover, Hugo, but she has come to understand herself and her place in the world better. This rise to Motorball champion and get her shot at returning to the mysterious city, and its main leader Nova.

There is an entire scene about Motorball which did not make it into the final cut. The producer of the movie revealed that there was a training sequence that they shot in an alley Hugois teaching how to do the street Motorball. That is one crucial scene.

The Cast Of Alita: Battle Angel 2

Well, Rosa Salazar would be back as Alita, not just because she is the lead role, but she loves it a lot. She also said that that she would play the character until her last breath.

Then we would also expect Christoph Waltz to be as the Alita’s surrogate father, Dr Dyson Ido. He also happens to be a scientist and also a bounty hunter. On the other hand, Edward Norton should reprise his role as the enigmatic Nova.

Roza Salazar

Alita Battle Angel 2 Trailer: When Can We Expect It To Come?

It will take a while, that is where we are afraid of. Let’s hope that Disney green-lights the sequel of the second season. The fans are hoping that there will be a second sequel from them. Then there will come a trailer, as of now, there is no trailer of the sequel.

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