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A Word Of Caution-And-Precaution From Fighter Of Coronavirus, Chris Cuomo!

Chris Cuomo, the CNN news anchor on Tuesday, addressed his Cuomo Prime Times and shed light on his fight with coronavirus. He shared bits about his personal experience of getting the virus and also how he was able to battle it. He is currently in his New York City apartment away from his wife and kids.

Give Facts Precedence Over Fear

Chris Cuomo urged people to give facts importance than fear. Fear only breeds negativity and also increases the strength of our nemesis. Currently, the biggest nemesis for humankind is the coronavirus. We can fight it only by staying vigilant and by trusting in facts.

Chris Cuomo had a very important message for us all. He urged people to try their level best to get sick. He said, “We have to do everything we can to avoid being sick.”

He then added, “We have to do it for ours, our families, and for those who are on the front lines, who are saving the lives of people like me and many of you. Together as ever as one. That is our remedy. What do you say? Let’s get after it.”

Quarantine Taking An Emotional Toll Over Cuomo

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Chris Cuomo revealed that all this isolation and staying away from his family took an emotional toll on him. He is quarantined in the basement of his house, and he said that it is very comfortable too. But the act that he can’t go and hug his kids and he is not there for his family is taking an emotional toll on him.

Thus, according to him, the best solution for all this is to stay safe, follow guidelines, and follow social distancing as much as possible. Only then will we be able to fight this invisible enemy. For now, the anchor will be broadcasting his show from his basement, where he is in quarantine.

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