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Did Brad Pitt Introduce Jennifer Aniston To Alia Shawkat As A Proof To Past Platonically?

Brad Pitt Introduced Alia Shawkat To Jennifer Aniston To Prove That They Were Nothing More Than Mere Acquaintances

There’s a word in the wind that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are to tie the knot again anytime this year. After Pitt’s divorce with Angelina Jolie in 2016. Pitt’s relationship graph hasn’t been very ambitious. However, the two have been seen gushing over each other at an award ceremony. They even shared a kiss backstage at the SAG awards. This only proves that the two still aren’t quite over their bond and want to reignite it.

Why Brad Pitt Introduced Aniston And Shawkat

Alia Shawkat Would Rather Date Jennifer Aniston Than Brad Pitt?

In recent news. Brad Pitt introduced his former flame Alia Shawkat to Aniston to prove that their relationship has been entirely platonic. Brad and the 30-year-old actress have been seen together on several occasions, which have been shaded as mere coincidences.

Despite having noticeably similar social tabs and the two getting along with each other quite well, Pitt insisted that their relationship has been nothing but friendly. According to a report from Women’s Day New Zealand. Pitt introduced Aniston and Shawkat with each other to prove to Jennifer that he and Alia are good ‘, friends.’

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Alia is reportedly dating someone else as of now, and Brad’s decision seems to have panned out pretty well. Jennifer was delighted to meet Alia, and the two have developed a bond of their own. A source informed, “Alia has also become close to Jen and has even joked that she finds her more attractive than Brad and would rather date her than him, which everyone found hilarious.” Brad told the press that Alia is like more of a sister to him and is a significant person in his life. Well, it seems like things are sorted for Pitt and Aniston.

When Are Jennifer And Brad Getting Married: Here’s What We Know

The two first met in 1994, after which their agents set them up for a date. After dating for a couple of years, the pair got married in 2000 in Malibu, and their wedding was nothing extravagant. However, they got divorced in 2005 following rumors of Pitt’s feelings for Mr. And Mrs.Smith co-star Angelina Jolie. Pitt and Jolie’s romance, too, was somewhat shortlived.

Now Aniston and Pitt seem to have rekindled their former romance and are set to tie the knot this year although sources say that they’re merely good friends as of now.

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