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One Punch Man Season 3: Air Date, Cast, Plot & Other Details You Shouldn’t Be Missing.

A recent tweet from the official handle of the One Punch Man has cleared all our doubts and anxiety. They finally confirmed that the new season aka the 3rd season is on the way and is in the making.

Hopefully, it will be here soon, looking at the curfew and lockdown situation all over the world, everyone is hoping for their favorite shows to renew. The popular manga-inspired anime has proved to be one of the most popular anime series. The superhero in this series is unique. He can make you unmovable with just a little of his fist-work.

When will it drop the upcoming season?

Unfortunately, the release date of the third season is still not announced. We can only guess at this point, looking at its previous release dates and analyzing. However, the possibility is there that the season will drop by 2020. We all loved Saitama and cant wait to see the next season packed with action and drama.

What are we expecting to see in the third season?

There is no assurance of what plot we will be getting in season 3. None of the creators have revealed absolutely anything regarding the story of Saitama of the upcoming season as a whole. However, we are surely getting to see a lot of punches. We can make an analysis, and as of now, we can tell that the next season will most probably circle Garou, among all characters. Also, our dear Saitama may receive a couple of limiters and suppliers.

Apart from these, there is a possibility that the heroes will start assaulting their evil counterparts. Having this said, not only are we curious but also assured that this season would push us to the edge of our seats. A beautiful bunch of episodes will drop any month now. You better be ready to binge-watch!

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