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Messiah Season 2: Everything You Must Know Before Watching The Newest Season; Casting & Plot Theories

There has been much news stating that The Messiah has been cancelled. But is it true? Just a week earlier, we got the news that Netflix might cancel the show. But today, there is news stating that Netflix might change its mind. What would happen in the next season? Read on to find out.

When will Messiah S2 release?

The first season of this historical series came out in January 2020. According to sources, the creators are still looking for the streaming service to renew the show. If the show is renewed, then we can expect for the next season to premiere in early 2021.

But it depends on Netflix. The streaming service is known to cancel the shows if there are less number of viewers. Amid famous thrillers and comedy, somehow viewers missed the Messiah, which has burned a hole in the pocket of Netflix. Let’s see if there is a second season or not.

Messiah plot: Spoilers!

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The plot of the Messiah is based on supernatural powers and mystery. While at the end of the first season, we got to know that Al- Masih has powers, there is more to the story.

In the upcoming season, we would be able to see more of Al- Masih and his true identity and his mission. Mehdi Dehbi has portrayed the character of Al- Masih very nicely, and we hope to see him again in the next season.

Any trailer for the season 2?

There is no trailer yet, as we are not sure if the series will get renewed or not. If the series gets a renewal, then it would take some time for shooting the episodes. So, we can expect a trailer at the end of the year, most probably.

For now, we can only hope that Netflix does not cancel this brilliant show, as it is important for everyone to see the story. Though the series has gone through a lot of controversies, from different religions, it is worthy of viewing.

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