On Almost 3 Weeks Of Separation Ozzy Osbourne Breaks Down For Not Being Able To Hug Daughter


Ozzy Osbourne is arguably one of the most famous musicians of our time. He is the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. His fan following is legendary and in the millions with it increasing all the time. Osbourne owing to his lyrical choices is often called the Prince of Darkness.

Reunited Family Times:

Family time has been low for the Osbourne household lately. Ozzy and his wife, Sharon, like everyone else has been practicing social distancing. This comes due to the world currently suffering from the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone is quarantining within themselves. Kelly Osbourne was finally able to meet her parents after being away for weeks. Although they met, the Osbourne’s stayed a safe six feet away from each other as a buffer owing to the coronavirus. The family seemed to enjoy the sunny afternoon with each different sitting by the pool at a safe distance. Kelly, on twitter, stated that she could not receive a hug from her parents, and that feels sad, but it’s necessary.

Also, she revealed a text message Ozzy sent her after she left. It goes, “It was so lovely seeing you today. Toddles, it breaks my heart that I couldn’t give you a kiss and a hug”.

Ozzy’s Health Issues and Support From Fans:

Last week in an interview, Ozzy revealed us about his struggles with Parkinson’s. Although concerning, Ozzy seemed to be having his spirits up as his doctor exclaimed, it’s relatively common and often not diagnosed. Ozzy has had a rough last year, having suffered from a severe respiratory disease and having undergone a hand surgery in 2018. Sharon thanked their fans for their continued support and called them her second family.

“People have been amazing with their outpouring of love of my husband, and I thank you,” she said.

We all wish for Ozzy’s health and hope that this pandemic comes to an end soon.




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