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After Life Season 2, Initial On-air Date, Official Trailer, Newest [UPDATES] & Daunting Spoilers.

After Life, Ricky Gervais’ drama-comedy series’ excellent. The show has the complete entertainment package, which keeps all fans glued to the screen. Besides, it smoothly showcases dark comedy, which we all love as well as a compassionate drama theme. Moreover, After Life didn’t take long to create a huge loyal fan base all around the world. And good news for fans, the show’s set to return on Netflix for a second season!

After Life season 2 will release in April 2020

After Life season 2 Netflix release date | Cast, plot, trailer ...

Afterlife, produced, directed, starred, and created by multi-talented, Gervais has only one season out as of now. However, luckily, the show has got the green light for a second season. According to reports, season 2 of After Life will release in just a few months, on April 24. Once again, fans will get to stream the dramedy series’ on popular streaming service, Netflix.

Furthermore, the show revolves around the lead character; Tony Johnson played by none other than Gervais. Johnson’s a journalist working at the Tambury Gazette. Besides, he lost his beloved wife, Lisa, to a deadly disease, cancer. After Life shows, hot Tony changes into a bitter, rude, and mean man to everyone as he copes with his wife’s death. Not only that, but the man also tries to kill himself. However, in the end, he makes his mind to live and decides to instead, punish the world and the people with his brutality. Ouch. 

Of course, people around him do their best to understand what he’s going through. Not only that, but they try to make him a better person but to no avail. In the finale episode of season 1, he watches a video his wife filmed before her death. Moreover, Tony’s wife tells him to move on and find someone nearly as lovely as her. Besides, Tony then thanks everyone person at his workplace, who helped him deal with the trauma. And for facing his ill-temper and mean remarks.

Tony will show a different side in the next season

Can we hope to see a happier and a bit more joyful Tony in season 2? Will he let go of the past and decide to move on? Netflix has already put out an official synopsis of the show. It reads that while Tony struggles with grief for his wife, he’s trying to become a better person. Especially for the people around him. Besides, they each have their problems. Moreover, the looming threat of the local newspaper shutting down might only increase it. 

We’ll get to see the same cast in season 2 as well! Ricky Gervais will return as Tony Johnson, Penelope Wilton will play Anne, Tom Basden as Matt and Ashley Jensen as Emma, amongst others.

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