Ariana Grande Makes Grand Gesture By Covertly Donating Huge Sums To Jobless Fan

Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift Send Money to Fans in need

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular artists of the previous decade. She has produced hit after hit and has sold out multiple concerts. She and her fans “Arianators” are a force to be reckoned with.

The singer often has conversations and interactions with her fans on twitter. Ariana was touched when she saw fans confide in her to share their problems concerning the pandemic.

Ariana Grande sends money to fans in need.

Arians sent money through Venmo to fans in need. She chose to keep her kind donations private; she didn’t want the media attention. Her fans said that because of her help they were able to pay their electricity, water bills and rent.

Celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Britney Spears did their part and sent money to their fans. They wanted to help out in the best way possible.

Instead of preaching about Social distancing and “Stay at Home Challenge” som celebrities chose to help their fans instead of dying of hunger and no money.

Some celebrities have also chosen to donate to Organizations and relief funds.

According to TMZ, Arians has been taking calls from her loyal fans and sending money whenever someone asks for help. Ariana was disturbed when a few fans revealed that they were penniless and their businesses were done for due to the pandemic.

She Venmo’ed cash to her fans when she noticed that many of her fans were suffering.  Few fans said that they received donations from $500 – $1000 from Ariana. Arianators appreciate Ariana for her kind deeds and how she chose to help them in the time of crisis.

Taylor Swift also donates money to her fans.

Taylor Swift also reportedly reached out to several of her fans via DM on twitter after reading their struggles. A Fan on Tumblr revealed that she lost her only source of income, she worked in Disney Land. The place closed down for a month, and she was left penniless. Taylor contacted her and offered to pay her bills.

It is touching to see celebs helping out their fans. Times like these bring people together. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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