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Will ‘Black Summer’ S2 Production Remain Untouched By The Corona Pandemic?

Black Summer is a Zombie Horror premiered on Netflix. All who have seen Z-nation would find some similarities with this series. As the Black Summer is more like a predecessor to Z-Nation as this series tracks, the events happened before the Z-nation.

It is a sui generis horror :

Black Summer is an unexplained horror series that brings in an anguished mother in search of her lost daughter. She joins her quest along with many more who want to survive on the wildland of Zombies all over. So this is a story about survival tactics from the protagonists as they are worse at facing the zombies. With a marvelous run, fans are holding back and sweating to see the second season soon.

More knock on wood for the story :

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The season one ended mostly on a happy note with Rose finding out her daughter and Spears helping rose out off her mission and himself surviving from the zombies. Now Vallez is the only one left out with strong intentions to continue the journey further along with the audiences. The story of Black summer could be more told as tidal waves of Zombies is going to hit this time. Now they can link the account up to the Z-nation for the fans to get a complete picture of the story without a hiatus.

Grid-locking of S2 production :

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Production work of Black Summer Season 2 has started early this year. But soon, the team had to close on the shooting due to the massive corona outbreak ensuring the safety of the crew and staff working out on Season 2. So on March 18 of 2020, the team has canceled their shooting. So this delay would affect the return of the show to Netflix in 2020. Filming for the first part started in July 2018, and they have wrapped up the shoot by September of the same year.

The team has said that as soon the condition sets safe, they will presume the work at Calgary in Canada. They have posted about this in their twitter handle. So the fans must expect the season 2 might release somewhere in 2020.

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