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Tom Holland Nominates Our Favourite Celebs For A Push-Up Challenge, Find Out Who?

With the crisis of COVID- 19 growing day by day, people are now finding new ways to keep themselves entertained. Guess, COVID- 19 is not that bad after all, as people realise the importance of pollution-free world.

However, not only us, even celebrities, are finding new ways to entertain themselves and their fans. One of the most popular challenges is the push-up challenge. We saw Justin Bieber taking up the challenge earlier this week.

Peter Parker in the challenging Iron Man and other MCU heroes!

It seems Peter Parker loves challenging the MCU heroes. Though the youngest in the superhero squad, he is the most adorable and sweetest superhero. No, that doesn’t mean that he is not strong, damn, he is strong, and his skills are not to be underestimated!

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Recently, Tom Holland, aka our spiderman, was seen to be taking the push- up challenge. Meanwhile, he even nominated other actors to do the challenge. The nominated actors included Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man, Mark Ruffalo, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Dave Batista, Karen Gillian and even the Russo brothers.

It seems like the whole Avengers family is taking the challenge!

Wait, wait, seems like Tom Holland has even challenged Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool and Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine, for this challenge. In addition to that, Tom Holland also went to the DC universe to challenge our new Black Adam, The Rock, for the challenge!

What do they have to do in the challenge? Well, the actors have to do a set of push-ups and post the video on Instagram, nominating other people. Seems like, quarantine is not going to be boring after all.

“Until Tomorrow” Challenge

While the actors are doing the push- up challenges, the fans are in for another challenge. The Until Tomorrow challenge is now a huge hit on Instagram.

The challenge includes a person posting his/ her most embarrassing picture on Instagram for 24 hours, or “until tomorrow.” Those people who like the picture are then nominated to continue the challenge.

Yeah, now Instagram is flooded with funny pictures of people! Go and take part in the challenge, as I am going to post an embarrassing picture on Instagram. #UntilTomorrow

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