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Tom Hanks To Prince Charles: Coronavirus Spreads Rapidly Amongst Celebs, Here’s The List

The one thing that we got to know from this pandemic is that it does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone and won’t see whether you are a normal human being, a doctor, an actor, or president of a country.

Many celebrities are found to be COVID- 19 positive and have announced it in their social media pages. The list includes Prince Charles, Kanika Kapoor, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and even Hervey Weinstein.

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen posted about his COVID- 19 results on Instagram. He stated that he was not feeling good and had some symptoms. During a check-up, it was found that he does have the infection. Currently, the actor is in self-quarantine and is following the rules.

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Kanika Kapoor

Kanika Kapoor is entirely highlighted due to the COVID- 19 case. Many are stating that the singer knew about her infection and purposely hid it from the government. The truth is yet to be known. Kanika Kapoor had posted on Instagram, which was later deleted, that she is COVID- 19 positive. The singer also wrote that she is trying to find the people she was in contact with, to ensure their safety.

Hervey Weinstein

The recent case of Hervey Weinstein gained his spotlight. He was charged with assault and rape and is currently in prison. But this is not the end. Hervey Weinstein was tested positive for COVID- 19. He is still not sure that the results are correct and has even stated that the equipment for testing might be faulty.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

The couple were tested positive for COVID- 19 and are in self- quarantine. The couple was in Australia when they saw the symptoms of the virus. Upon testing, the results were positive. They are in isolation, as posted in Tom Hanks’s recent Instagram post.



So, these were some of the actors who were found to be COVID- 19 positives. In addition to them, Prince Charles was also found to be infected with the virus yesterday, which is quite shocking. We can only hope for all the victims to get cured and that the virus gets eradicated ASAP!

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